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How to Subscribe

The price of Eureka is £4 per issue. Back issues are cheaper and can be ordered separately. There are two ways to subscribe to Eureka:

Subscription Accounts

You can open a subscriptions account by filling out the form below and sending a cheque of at least £10 to the address below:

The Archimedeans
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
Cambridge, CB3 0WA
United Kingdom

We will send you each issue of Eureka and inform you when your account is running low.

Invoicing Accounts

You may open an invoicing account by filling out the form below. We will send you each issue of Eureka, together with an invoice, which can be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Alternatively you can buy issues of Eureka at all talks and social events organised by the Archimedeans. For more details visit our events page.
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