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Over the years, many interesting articles have been published in Eureka, including articles by many distinguished mathematicians. To make past Eureka articles available to a wider audience, we are gradually putting them online. We do not expect the process to be completed for several years. If you have any comments about this effort, or suggestions about which articles or issues should take priority, please let us know. Note that the most recent issues (those published in the past five years, or the past two issues, whichever is greater) are not made available online.

Eureka numbers 1 to 28 were printed by the traditional letterpress process. Rising costs then forced changes of production method; at first the new methods still produced reasonable typographic results, but then it degenerated from Eureka 37 onwards into being reproduced from what looks much like typescript, with diagrams and symbols inserted by hand (though at least Eureka 37 says the text was edited on computer then printed on a flexowriter). From Eureka 44 onwards some articles were typeset by computer and some electronic sources survive. From Eureka 49 onwards, Eureka was produced in TeX and the full sources survive, though some diagrams were still hand-drawn or produced in forms that do not survive in electronic form.

Where available, electronic sources have been used in placing articles online. Where not available (including diagrams not available in electronic form for articles which were available in electronic form), the articles have been scanned in and the text resulting from OCR edited and used. Diagrams have been used in their scanned form, but equations have been typeset in TeX (for articles not originally produced in TeX) to produce the images of equations shown here.

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