Eureka 51 (March 1992)

Article titleAuthorsPages
Front matterMark Wainwrightfront cover-2
AcknowledgementsMark Wainwright2
EditorialMark Wainwright3
The Archimedeans, 1990-1991Michael Aird4
Near Metric TheoryPaul Nicholls5
Galois' GroupAmites Sarkar6-12
AdvertisementBarclays Bank plc13
AdvertisementThe Engineering Council13
Letter Addition and Doubly Self-Referential HaikuAnton Cox14-15
The Prisoner's DilemmaKevin P. Murphy16-33
TetrisRichard Tucker34-35
Miss Warren's ProfessionGraham Nelson36-39
Free Market MathsPaul Norridge39
Problems Drive 1991Michael Earnshaw and Tim Wilkins40-43
ClerihewsA. Nomet43
Some Unsolved Problems In Geometry, Number Theory and CombinatoricsPaul Erdös44-48
What is Mac Lane missing?A. R. D. Mathias49-52
Book ReviewsStephen Turner and Vin de Silva53-54
More ClerihewsA. Nomet54
Solutions to Problems DriveMichael Earnshaw and Tim Wilkins55-56
Limerickinside back cover

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Eureka is the journal of the Archimedeans, which is the Cambridge University Mathematical Society, and a Junior Branch of the Mathematical Association. Eureka is published approximately annually, but since it, like the Society, is run entirely by student volunteers, it is impossible to guarantee precise publication dates. The Society also publishes QARCH, a problems journal.


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Number 51Editor: Mark WainwrightMarch 1992


The ArchimedeansMichael Aird4
Near-Metric TheoryPaul Nicholls5
Galois’ GroupAmites Sarkar6
On Letter Addition and Doubly Self-Referential HaikuAnton Cox14
The Prisoners’ DilemmaKevin Murphy16
TetrisRichard Tucker34
Miss Warren’s ProfessionGraham Nelson36
Free Market MathsPaul Norridge39
Problems DriveMichael Earnshaw and Tim Wilkins40
ClerihewsA. Nomet43
Some Unsolved Problems in Geometry, Number Theory and Combinatorics
Paul Erdős44
What Is Mac Lane Missing?A. R. D. Mathias49
Book ReviewsStephen Turner, Vin de Silva53
More ClerihewsA. Nomet54
Solutions to Problems Drive etc.55
LimerickInside Back Cover

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Archimedeans’ Committee 1991-1992

PresidentRichard TuckerChrist’s
Vice-PresidentMichael AirdTrinity
SecretaryAnton CoxClare
Junior TreasurerAmy GolubTrinity
RegistrarPaul HankinTrinity
Publicity and
    Entertainments ManagerJulian BirchSidney Sussex
ChroniclerVin de SilvaTrinity
Business ManagerStephen FryeClare
Senior TreasurerDr I. B. LeaderPeterhouse

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