The Cover
Thomas Bending

The design on the cover was inspired by The Archimedeans’ symbol—a projection on to Euclidean 2-space of a sphere inscribed in a right circular cylinder of the same height as the sphere’s diameter—and depicts a reflecting sphere inscribed in a clear, refracting cylinder with black ends, floating above a large planet covered with a chequerboard. It was produced as a bitmap by ray-tracing on the University IBM mainframe and converted to PostScript for printing on an Apple LaserWriter.

I would like to thank Ian Redfern for help with the PostScript, Mark Wainwright and others for much constructive criticism (“No, Tom, it still doesn’t look right”) and Robert Hunt for slick vector-based solutions to various geometrical problems, which I had forgotten after Part IB.

Reproduced from Eureka 50 page back cover.
HTML conversion Copyright © 2004 The Archimedeans.

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