It is a pleasant duty to record the vast amount of help received during the exhilarating work of editing Eureka. The foremost debt is as usual to the contributors; I should add that they have without exception been more helpful than an editor has any right to expect in the preparation of their articles for final publication. The journal was typeset almost entirely in TEX, and in this regard incalculable thanks are due to Adam Chalcraft, Robert Hunt, George Russell, and too many others to name. Those diagrams too horrible to consider in TEX were executed in CAMPLOT, and on this and many other fronts I am deeply indebted to Colin Bell.

I am especially grateful to Dr Mark Manning of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics for considerable help with the production of laser-printed hard copy, including use of the DAMTP laser printer; and to Graham Nelson, editor of Eureka 49 and Patriarch of the Society, for his unfailingly patient and helpful advice and paternal manner on a number of occasions. Thanks too to Dr Martin Barlow for casting a brief eye over the article “On Large Numbers” to check that it was not pure drivel; any remaining errors are naturally entirely mine.

Finally, to all those supervisors for whom, during the Lent term, the Editor did (even) less work than is his wont, a vote of heartfelt gratitude for their uniform patience.

Reproduced from Eureka 50 page 2.
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