Eureka 49 (March 1989)

Article titleAuthorsPages
Front matterGraham Nelsonfront cover-1
Editorial: Fifty Years of EurekaGraham Nelson2-4
AcknowledgementsGraham Nelson4
The SocietyGerard F. Thompson5
On Maximally Dense ForestsMatthew Richards6-21
13, 31 and the 3x + 1 ProblemFrazer Jarvis22-25
On the Epistemological and Metaphysical Problems of ProbabilityAlan Stacey26-30
On Smarties and Time Travel; or Why you haven't got a time machineWilliam Hurwood31-33
Problems Drive 1989Marcus Moore and Alan Stacey34-37
Mathematical Knowledge and Mathematical UnderstandingRolph Schwarzenberger38-46
And God Said, "0 \not\in N"Tim Auckland46
A Lattice of TopologiesSimon Morris47-48
Chess PuzzleAdam Chalcraft48
A, B, C, D ProblemLuke Reader48
On Phone Numbers and Diophantine ApproximationChristopher J. Fewster49-55
Mathematical LimericksThomas Bending and Mark Wainwright56-59
Archimedean Poetry59
Not the Schedules for the Mathematical Tripos, 1988-960-61
NeutronHelena Verrill62-66
Back to Square OneDerek J. Colwell and John R. Gillett and Brian C. Jones67-70
Single Vertex GraphsClive Monk72-86
Solutions to ProblemsMarcus Moore and Alan Stacey and Adam Chalcraft and Luke Reader87-88
The Cover "Hausdorff Dale"Tim Aucklandinside back cover

[Eureka 49 cover: EUREKA The Journal of the Archimedeans Number 49 March 1989]

Eureka 49

Eureka is the journal of the Archimedeans, which is the Cambridge University Mathematical Society, and a Junior Branch of the Mathematical Association. Eureka is published approximately annually, but since it, like the Society, is run entirely by student volunteers, it is impossible to guarantee precise publication dates. The Society also publishes QARCH, a problems journal.

Archimedeans’ Committee 1988-1989

PresidentAlan StaceySt. Catharine’s
Vice-PresidentMarcus MooreKing’s
SecretaryHelena VerrillNewnham
Junior TreasurerDaniel BurnTrinity
RegistrarDilip SequeiraTrinity
Publicity ManagerTom GamblinTrinity
ChroniclerGerard ThompsonTrinity
Entertainments ManagerFrances HindenTrinity
Senior TreasurerDr. J. R. PartingtonFitzwilliam


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Correspondence, clearly marked “Editor” or “Business Manager” should be sent to:
The Arts School, Bene’t Street, Cambridge CB2 3PY, England
Electronic mail from the U.K. to:
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Eureka 49


Editorial: Fifty Years of Eureka2
The Society5
On Maximally Dense Forests6
13, 31 and the 3x + 1 Problem22
On the Epistemological and Metaphysical Problems of Probability26
On Smarties and Time Travel31
Problems Drive34
Mathematical Knowledge and Mathematical Understanding38
And God Said, 0 \not\in N46
A Lattice of Topologies47
A Chess Problem48
ABCD Problem48
On Phone Numbers and Diophantine Approximation49
Mathematical Limericks56
Archimedean Poetry59
Not the Schedules for the Mathematical Tripos60
Back to Square One67
Interstice Crossnumber71
Single Vertex Graphs72
Solutions to Problems87
The CoverInside back cover


EditorGraham Nelson, Selwyn College
Business ManagerFrances Hinden, Trinity College
Number 49March 1989
Published by the Archimedeans. Copyright 1989.ISSN Number 0071-2248.

Reproduced from Eureka 49.
HTML conversion Copyright © 2004 The Archimedeans.

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