Eureka 44 (Spring 1984)

Article titleAuthorsPages
Front matterNigel Boston and Chris J. Budd and P. Taylorfront cover-1
EditorialChris J. Budd2
AcknowledgmentsChris J. Budd2
The SocietyMaxim I. Tingley3
The puzzles of Lewis CarrollR. Sabey4-7
Colson NewsCedric A. B. Smith7
Chromatic Polynomials: An alternative approach to the Four-Colour Theorem?D. R. Woodall8-12
Problems Drive 1981Paul Taylor and Clive D. W. Feather13-15
Egoritchev's proof of van der Waerden's conjectureBéla Bollobás16-24
Voidology TheoryW. J. R. Mitchell25-29
Quantum GravityG. W. Gibbons30-35
A Construction for Geometrical OpticsP. Taylor36-38
Euclid's Algorithm - since EuclidP. M. Cohn39-45
Are You a Pure Mathematician?C. J. Budd46-50
The Decline and Fall of EuclidD. Haskell51-57
Sampled FunctionsC. J. Budd58-62
The Uniqueness of the QuaternionsP. Taylor63-68
A new operation?N. Boston69-70
Answers to Problems DrivePaul Taylor and Clive D. W. Feather71

[Eureka 44 cover: EUREKA Spring 1984 Number 44]



ISSN 0071 - 2248

N. BostonHarvard University
formerly Trinity College Cambridge
C.J. BuddSt. John's College Oxford
formerly St. John's College Cambridge
P. TaylorTrinity College Cambridge
R. A. S. ChaoWolfson College Cambridge
formerly Caius College Cambridge
(Clearly marked "Editor"
or "Business Manager")
The Arts School
Bene't Street
Editorial and AcknowledgementsC. J. Budd 2
The SocietyM. I. Tingley 3
The puzzles of Lewis CarrollR. Sabey 4
Chromatic PolynomialsD. R. Woodall 8
Problems DriveC. D. W. Feather & P. Taylor 13
Egoritchev's proof of van der Waerden's conjectureB. Bollobás 16
Voidology TheoryW. J. R. Mitchell 25
Quantum GravityG. W. Gibbons 30
A construction for Geometrical OpticsP. Taylor 36
Euclid's Algorithm - since EuclidP. M. Cohn 39
Are you a Pure Mathematician?C. J. Budd 46
The decline and fall of EuclidD. Haskell 51
Sampled FunctionsC. J. Budd 58
The uniqueness of the QuaternionsP. Taylor 63
A new operation?N. Boston 69
Answers to problems drive71

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