I HAVE great pleasure in congratulating Eureka on the occasion of its attaining the age of 25 years. This is quite an advanced age for an undergraduate (or mainly undergraduate) journal, but I am glad to say that I see no signs of senility.

For 25 years Eureka has provided an opportunity for some of our most alert and penetrating minds to publish their ideas, and many of their contributions are of permanent interest and have found a place in mathematical literature.

The Archimedeans have a wide variety of activities; some of them may die out in the course of time, as tastes change, but I hope that the Society will always regard the publication of Eureka as one of its most important functions.

Chairman of the Faculty of Mathematics.

ON BEHALF of the first Editorial Committee, I have pleasure in greeting Eureka on its twenty-fifth birthday.

Our first Editorial expressed our hopes and ideals for the journal and it is good to see these being fulfilled. It is a matter of personal satisfaction to see that the name, the cover, and the format have withstood the test of time and remained unchanged since No. 1. In that issue, we acknowledged the sound advice and good workmanship of our printers. Their services have been retained by our successors, all of whom would doubtless like to endorse this repetition of our appreciation of their help and skill.

Eureka has grown up. In its maturity, may it continue to serve a use to those young mathematicians without whose support it cannot flourish.

Thurso.E. P. HICKS.
Keyport, New Jersey.JESSIE MACWILLIAMS (née Collinson).

Reproduced from Eureka 27 pages 3-4.
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