TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Eureka was first published. At the time, the aim of the magazine was summarised by the then President of the Archimedeans in the following words:-

"... The chief thing is to make it interesting to every Cambridge mathematician, to help build up the corporate interest in the subject ... to link together students, researchers and dons, other English and foreign universities. We must aim to stimulate informed discussion, especially as to Cambridge questions...."

In the humble belief that our predecessors have in some measure achieved these ambitions, we offer this jubilee issue of Eureka, most of which is devoted to reprinting a few of those articles which we have enjoyed reading in previous issues and which we feel deserve to be known to a new generation. Next year, Eureka will return to its accustomed form (all contributions, from Cambridge or outside, being welcome), but this year we salute the distinguished company who have written, edited and printed the last twenty-six Eurekas.

Reproduced from Eureka 27 page 3.
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