Descended from the IGIBI // A nomad tribe?  A South American quadruped that hasn't been discovered yet?  No,the Igibi is one of the forerunners of District Bank, for it was a private bank in Ancient Babylon making loans and receiving deposits at interest as long ago as 575 B.C. // What sort of service those far-off customers got we'll never know.  But one thing is certain.  It could hardly have been more friendly and more personal than the service you get from us at District Bank.  In just this one respect we are old fashioned - we like to cling to the old tradition which says a bank manager should try to know his customers personally.  You'll be surprised what a difference this can make to your financial life.  Why not drop in at your nearest branch and make our acquaintance? // DISTRICT BANK LIMITED 1829 // HELPS STUDENTS MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR MONEY // 9 Trinity Street, Cambridge

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