CAMBRIDGE PAPERBACKS // Fallacies in Mathematics  E. A. MAXWELL 6s. 6d. net // Pure Mathematics  G. H. HARDY 22s. 6d. net // General Homogeneous Coordinates in Space of Three Dimensions  E. A. MAXWELL 13s. 6d. net // Plane Projective Geometry  E. A. MAXWELL 13s. 6d. net // Modern Analysis  E. T. WHITTAKER & G. N. WATSON 27s. 6d. net // A Course of Analysis  E. G. PHILLIPS 15s. net // The Real Projective Plane  H. S. M. COXETER 18s. 6d. net // Principia Mathematica to *56 A. N. WHITEHEAD & BERTRAND RUSSELL 17s. 6d. net // Elementary Matrices  R. A. FRAZER, W. J. DUNCAN & A. R. COLLAR 17s. 6d. net // A First Course in Mathematical Statistics C. E. WEATHERBURN 18s. 6d. net // CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS

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